Return To the Valley

Ricter moved at the last minute as the striking claw of the Dark One slashed for his head. He was on his feet with his weapons dark as night in his hands. Theyd found him while he slept; theyd been hunting him this time. There were six of them spread out through the large cave blocking the entrance trapping him.

He absorbed his dire situation in milliseconds as the second Dark One took a vicious slash at his head. Ducking the blow Ricters blades moved with blinding speed slicing the demons dark armored abdomen wide open. Its death scream deafening in the cave.

Five. Shifting using the falling Dark One as a shield Ricter made two more quick slashes with his keen blades taking the legs out from under another. Four. A hard swiping blow at his legs takes his feet out from under him. As he hits the ground he rolls knowing to stay there means death. Stopping at the back wall he pushes up off the uneven ground under the swinging arms of another Dark One, feeling its claws rake down his side, his blades dealing death again. Three.

His side burned from the vicious slash but he knew if he stopped he was dead, feigning to the one blocking the entrance, planting his foot and pivoting he charged the one that was coming at him from behind. The Dark ones blow connected squarely on Ricters chest driving the air from his lungs. Death was met at the end of his arms as his obsidian blades separated the Dark One from its head. Two.

The last two rushed him at once while he was staggered. Ducking the wild swing of one, but getting slashed again across the chest of the other. Its attack leaving gaping rends in his chest. Kicking out he knocking one off balance, and turning to block another blow from the first. He had to end this quick, he had to get out; the pain in his side and was getting worse slowing him. Gritting his teeth he burst into lighting motion kicking twirling, black knives cutting and killing.

With a dull thud the last two dropped dead on the cave floor. Taking his knives he cut the hand off of one of the Dark Ones taking it he pressed it firmly into the cut on his side, the burning on blood of the Dark one sizzling on his flesh, stopping the bleeding. Stealing himself he repeated his actions on his chest, sealing the gaping wounds.

Collecting his miniscule belongings Ricter left the cave. He knew he had to move to find a safe area to recover. As he moved through the ridgeline he caught site of more. They were out in packs, searching for him. He wasnt safe out here anymore he was too weak he needed time to heal. Time he didnt have.

Moving with a speed fed by fear and pain Ricter ran. Ran to the one place he knew that they couldnt find him, the gates. Hed taken so many others there protecting them through the valley; he had to get there.

Nearly to the gates Ricter had to skirt around four packs that were moving through the darkness hunting him, the hunter was the hunted. Finally coming to the gates after hours of running and exhausted Ricter stood there gasping. Looking around for the guards that were always there not seeing them. The great portals closed to him. Seeing faces on the high walls he yelled.

Let me in, I need help. His voice echoing off the walls, answered with silence.

Ive fought for you.

Still silence.

Sobbing in the silence he knew he was alone, after the years of fighting and being strong for them. Bringing their lost ones to the gates hes shut out, alone. Dropping his belongings at the gate he turns his back on the great gates and unsheathes his blades of obsidian he walked back down into the valley alone to face the nightmares of many, to hunt alone. Forever alone.

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