Runaway Trolley ride

A weird title I know but when you sit an think about it and compare it to my life it’s fitting. My life is the trolley as I move through portions of it, going from stop to stop people get on and get off as they chose. Some have gotten on and have never gotten off, others have come and gone. It’s that way with everyones life. What makes mine different is my trolley has days that once you are on it’s a mother fucker to get off. You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I was going to compare it to a roller coaster but that just doesn’t fit. You don’t have the…. Oh fuck me…. feeling. See a roller coaster is controlled, you know once you get to the top of that hill you will go down. You know the ride.

With a runaway trolley you just don’t know. Will that light turn red? Will we tip, what about that lady crossing the street with her groceries? My life is that trolley and this next week there will be no conductor, none. People say I’m so brave and strong to keep fighting. No I’m not. The brave and strong? They are the ones who get on my Trolley from hell and willing go for the ride.

This next ride…… it’s gonna be a rough oneDing Ding, ALL ABOARD….

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Now in Treatment again
In treatment for 17 days.
May 2008