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Rough Day

Worked this morning then did my radiation treatment. I’m worn out from of course over doing it and going back to work already. I know I know I go back to early and over do it…. But that’s not what makes today so hard on me.

See Maggie is in the other room in her kennel because it’s not safe for her to be around me while I’m radioactive. Problem is she “know’s” daddy’s home, even though I’ve not said a word or gone close to that room she know’s it’s me. Now I’m sitting quarantined for the next 18 hours and my lil love monster can’t come near me and she so wants to.

Know what I’m listening to? Her crying for her daddy.


People may think that I hate the surgeries and treatments. I don’t like them that’s for sure but the part that I don’t like the most is the feeling afterwards.

See to get to my lung they had to go through my rib cage through my muscle wall and spread my ribs. Have you ever broken your ribs? Hurts to breath hurts to lay down it just, well hurts.

It’s worth it though they got all of the spot and so far my numbers are looking great.

Things we must do

There are things in our lives we don’t want to do at all but we know we must do or suffer the consequences of it. But what if the consequences of actions are equal to the consequences of in action? What do you do then?

Do nothing and surely die
Do something prolong life maybe for a bit or even die trying.

Very hard choice

Days In Remission

In Remission for 211 days.


September 2010