I’ve typed an opening a few times.  Lets be blunt and to the point as always my way.  I have cancer again, a new very small brain tumor…. And an aneurysm that they tried to repair already, that didn’t go so well after 13 hours I’m still in the same boat as I was before.

Now I’m not telling this to everyone to feel sorry for me.  Fuck that shit, the first person who says, “I’m sorry” or tries to feel sorry for me will get kicked in the shins and I’ll move progressively higher if you continue.

Live and learn to live, when life deals you some fucked up shit get up deal with it and move on.  If it can’t be cured, still live.  Live every fucking day like it’s worth it.  Because it is.  Don’t read that wrong I haven’t decided what I’ll do yet.  I know what I won’t do. I have maybes and possibles but not any definitive ideas as of yet.

My suggestion to everyone?  Get up get off your asses and live.  If you have a cause you are passionate about get off faceook and do something about it posting about it will do 2 things.  Jack and shit.  Hug your kids, play with your dog.  Live.

5 Responses to Live

  • Pamela Wallace says:

    Living! Hugs … luv you little bro, pammy

  • Brenda Rensfield says:

    Thank you Jason – I need to print this out and put it on my desk at work, much harder to ignore than most things I read. Thank you and please keep writing, you are a gift and you are in my prayers soldier.

  • Shellie Swander Zavatsky says:

    No one know why some people get dealt a royal flush while others get to fold. I am constantly amazed by how you fight every crap hand dealt with all you have. You are a brave man. I am proud to say I knew you as a kid. Keep it real.

  • Amie Petroski says:

    You’re the toughest SOB I know, you got this. Challenge accepted.

  • Jason Cotton says:

    One mans Crap is another mans treasure they say. You can make a pile of shit and get buried under it or you can take that pile of shit and do something with it. It’s just a matter of choices.

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