Filling in some lost time

It’s been a few years of me sitting on my ass and not writing.  I could make excuses and that’s all they would be.  To catch you all up when I moved to Chicago back in July of 2014. I won’t bore you with all of the details, there were many factors that brought me back to live with my parents. The biggest one is my health.

Before you go getting all worried I’m fine. I had another bought/dance that wasn’t rough. I’d been going through dialysis treatments to control my numbers but those really weren’t working so after talking to my loved ones and most importantly with Donnett I decided that since it wasn’t working to stop those. They were taking to much of a toll on me without much benefit.

My Doctors reached out to me for another case study that I agreed to do and thankfully wasn’t that hard on me. I’m glad that I agreed because for the first time my markers both cancer and blood disorder are so low that they don’t show up on any of the tests. As of April 17 of 2018 I have been cancer free.

This makes this remission my official longest one.

One big change in my life is Hunter my Service dog but that’s another post..

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In remission for 1370 days.
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