Jason Cotton

Numbers game

When you think about Cancer you think about the chemo, the radiation, the sickness. This is how people think about it and visualize it. I’ve been through it so many times now I see all of that but I see it as the Doctors and Nurses see it. It’s nothing but a numbers game. You have good numbers and bad numbers. Kinda like a sports event. The stats RBC, WBC, Tumor counts, Liver enzyme levels, Kidney function, HR, BP, Temperature, Milliliters per hour, Toxicity levels…

How much can the body withstand If WBC and RBC go too low, the Liver is too high it’s game over and points to the Cancer instead of the patient.

My numbers?

WBC and RBC are in the green.

Liver Enzymes are on the high side, causing some issues.

Kidneys still in the green

Tumor Markers? We have had 2 checks recently the first one was taken on Saturday before my third treatment counts were reduced by 15%. The second was taken on Thursday and those showed an additional 12%.

As this game goes Jason is up 2 points to 1.

Quiet Week

I’ve been quiet this week. I listened to my body a bit more, took the needed time off, did not push it, and slept most of Wednesday. This last weekend was relaxing I spent time with friends and slept a lot.

The elephant in the room is that the only numbers that are going down are the wrong numbers so far my tumor counts have not budged. They’ve not gone up but neither have they gone down. Liver numbers though??? Those are all well just ……. getting a bit worse with each go. The positive is my tumor numbers didn’t go up any, what so ever since I started; this is huge.

It’s the holiday weekend coming up my dance card is full. The plus side of it is I get another day to relax after treatment.

Side Effects- continued

Adding to yesterday’s list of side effects, we can add a total lack of energy. Today it felt like I’d worked out too hard the day before. Not the muscle weariness, but that bone tiredness with heavy arms, heavy legs. I’m wide awake, not sleepy or anything like that. Just tired…

I expected to feel this last week around Thursday or Friday. Feeling this way going into this week is a bit worrisome. Hoping that it passes quickly because the next dance ticket is this Saturday.

Side Effects

So far so good on the side effects. The list has been:


Body ache (joints)

Sudden lack of energy

Muscle Cramps

All in all, not too bad of a laundry list after the first round. I have gotten bloodwork taken on Wednesday, and there are already signs of stress on my liver. Some of my markers are higher than they should be and others are tanking. Right now it’s the wait-and-see game.

Time to Dance again

I’m back at it again. I went in for my annual scans and bloodwork, and they found a dime-sized spot on my left lung, and Non-Hodgkin’s markers showed in my blood. A week later I went in for a needle biopsy to see what type of cells were on my lung. That test came back as Non-Hodkin’s, the exact cell type. I’d have to go dig for it. The bad news is that I have cancer. The good thing is that there were two case study options that are not standard chemotherapy. I chose the treatment that is 3 months long, and I get an infusion for 3-4 hours every two weeks. I’ve had one so far. In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t a 10 on the suckfest scale. A solid 6 but not a 10 on the Jason scale. So far body aches, headaches, and a general lack of energy. So far manageable by my experience. As this dance progresses, I’ll come back here and try to keep everyone updated.

I am home, and I’m the healthiest I’ve been since starting this dance both physically and mentally.

Days In Remission

In Remission for 26 days.


November 2022