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On Weds Sept 23rd Jason was put in Remission again for his brain tumor and his NHL. He has been trying to get ahold of some people to let them know before he posted because of the closeness he has with them all, and he’s afraid to get to happy about this because he’s been here before.

This is the most optimistic we have been in a long time. His will and strength show that no matter what people tell you, you can or cannot do. As long as you believe in yourself and are willing to fight for your beliefs anything is possible.

He has a trip to Seattle still and now Months of scans and follow ups, but he’s on the road to the light from his long battles in the Valley


Update 5/21/08

Jason’s fever broke last night and this morning he woke up.  He has been in and out of consciousness all day long.  He can talk and has talked though his throat is pretty raw right now.  We still don’t know the extent/if any brain damage accured, he has been through a lot and right now they are taking things slow.


Update 5-20

We apologize that there were no updates yesterday, it was a rather long and hard day on everyone. When Jason tore out his IV a bacterial infection was introduced into his blood stream, in his condition this caused him to go into respiratory distress and run a very high fever.  This was extremely bad timing because his system is so weak and his WBC’s are non existent.  He was immediately put on antibiotics and they tried to use Tylenol to help break the fever, since Jason is deathly allergic to aspirin.

Jason had an adverse reaction to the Tylenol and he was immediately moved to ICU and was treated for the reactions.  He did have a few complications.  Bea and I felt it would be best if one of us came back up here to be with him through this very rough stage of his recovery.  As things were and are looking we were unsure of the outcome.

The liquid that formed in his lungs has been getting worked out, but he still has a high grade fever combined with low BP and an erratic/high pulse.

For now he is as comfortable as we can make him and with the help of one of the techs I have his music playing.

We are making the posts so that his sister and family can concentrate on the important things, Jason’s health.  Keep them and Jason in your thoughts.


Update 5/18/2008

Things have been quiet over the last day or so, Jason did have a set back last night having a pretty violent seizure.  Violent enough to pull out his IV and rip off several of the test leads monitoring him.  We don’t know the ramifications of the seizure are just yet since he still has not really woken up enough and be coherent enough to talk at length.

His RBC and WBC’s are on the move they are dropping and dropping rapidly, so our next hurtle is fast approaching.  His immune system will be non existent in a day or so at the rate things are going now.

We still don’t know the full effects of him coding for so long and again we won’t know until he wakes up.


Awake well sort of

Through last night Jason’s toxicity levels dropped drastically with the help of the life support systems.  This morning it was decided to remove him from some of the life support slowly.  First was the circulatory then the ventilator.  He is on Oxygen still but no longer intubated.  As he was taken off of each he was closely monitored for any relapses.

About 30 mins ago he was partially awake for a couple of mins, he is not fully coherent yet nor will he be for hours if not a couple of days.  Once he is coherent enough they neurologist will be running more tests to determine if he suffered from any brain damage from his coding.

We leave tonight to go home so updates will slow down drastically, both of us must return to work and now that we feel he is stable we think that he will be ok, he is in the best of care.  Deb will be turning his 800 number back over to the room phone and to send messages to him instead of her so if you want to talk to him use that number if you have it.


Days In Remission

In Remission for 143 days.


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