Return To the Valley

Ricter moved at the last minute as the striking claw of the Dark One slashed for his head. He was on his feet with his weapons dark as night in his hands. Theyd found him while he slept; theyd been hunting him this time. There were six of them spread out through the large cave blocking the entrance trapping him.

He absorbed his dire situation in milliseconds as the second Dark One took a vicious slash at his head. Ducking the blow Ricters blades moved with blinding speed slicing the demons dark armored abdomen wide open. Its death scream deafening in the cave.

Five. Shifting using the falling Dark One as a shield Ricter made two more quick slashes with his keen blades taking the legs out from under another. Four. A hard swiping blow at his legs takes his feet out from under him. As he hits the ground he rolls knowing to stay there means death. Stopping at the back wall he pushes up off the uneven ground under the swinging arms of another Dark One, feeling its claws rake down his side, his blades dealing death again. Three. Continue reading


Ricter woke with a start. At first he wasn’t aware of his surroundings then as sleep faded and his eyes adjusted to the dim lighting. His hands instinctively went to the knives he had by his side. These blades weren’t made of steel but of something that is obsidian black. Hed fashioned them from the bodies of them; the dark ones, the ones that hunt the travelers through the valley. Some of the travelers have guardians that protect them as they go through the Valley others are not so lucky. Some make it others don’t. Sometimes the get attacked even if they have guardians with them and are taken to the caves.

Many of the caves go deep into the earth. Ricter’s explored a few of them but they go too deep and there are too many of the Dark Ones in the caves. He knew how to kill them and hunts them and kills them when he can but in the caves there are too many even for him. Continue reading

Days In Remission

In Remission for 143 days.


March 2023