Thought for the Day

Simple things make me smile

I wouldn’t say it’s because I’m older;  I think it’s because I’ve been through so much. I’ve found that I love the simple things. Like sitting in bed and listening to the rain outside my window with Maggie laying next to me.

It’s a New Year

A new year, a new cancer of sorts.  Been fighting a brain tumor for the the last 3 months. Just finishing up with my last two.  Just had a spinal tap to see where I’m at with treatments.  Things have been very positive for the most part.  Just a short catch up post for now.

Something New– Something about Maggie

This is probably gonna be a long post and not about health because I’m tired of talking about cancer and radiation and, and… So I’m gonna talk about Maggie. I’ve been a dog owner for years; as a kid we had dogs, and now as an adult I have one. As pet owners I’ve come to the belief that every dog and owner team should go through training, especially if you own/adopt a rescue. My Maggie is a nervous, high energy puppy, and honestly I didn’t trust her to take her to the pet store or walk her with confidence on a crowded street. This weekend is a testament of the hard work and time Sarah Prelle and I have put into her.

Just this weekend we got stopped 6 times so people could pet her– which she let them: A FIRST!– and take pictures of her. We stopped to talk to people, and she sat with us,paying attention to me, as we talked .

Before you just throw your trust into a trainer or store class, do your homework, though.  I did mine and found Sarah Prelle’s K9 Training online, and not only did I interview her, but she interviewed me. She didn’t just throw out a cost and say she could fix everything. She was open and honest with her experience and wanted to know the history.

This weekend would not have been possible for Maggie and me without it. The rewards of her looking up and trusting me are priceless.

Time Flies

So I’ve been going through radiation for a month now, and I’ve had my surgery. The surgery was long but worth it; the headaches have decreased, but I’m still getting my strength back from being under for so long (15 hours). Radiation will be going until Feb. so wish me luck.

A Facebook Post

A friend of mine on FB was posting that if you liked his post, he would tell you what he liked about you. So I hit the like button, and this is was he wrote back

Davy McCall posted toJason Cotton
9 minutes ago
I like that you refuse to let anyone tell you how to live your life and that you’re the most awesome survivor I’ve ever met. I also like that you take tremendous care of animals and are generous to others in need. I like that you take life seriously in all the right ways.

Thanks Davy

Now In Remission

In remission for 1093 days.


April 2021