The Vital Numbers

3 – The number of times I was told to go home, get my affairs in order and wait to die.

3 – The number of times I’ve told doctors to their face to “Fuck Off”.

4- The number of times I was on the verge of giving up.

4 – The number of brain aneurysms I’ve had.

47 – The number of times I have died and was resuscitated.

4 – The number of times my sternum and ribs have been broken to save my life.

47 – The number of minutes I was dead on my birthday.

4 – The number of heart surgeries I’ve had.

7 – The number of brain surgeries I have had.

2 – The number bone marrow transplants I have had.

1 – The number Gamma Knife Treatment.

60 – The approximate number of days I stuttered AFTER having Gamma Knife Treatment.

120 – The number of surgeries I had had before deciding to stop counting them.

7 – The number of radiation cycles I have been given.

22 – The longest number of months I have been in remission.

15 – The number of chemo cycles I have been given.

0 – The number of humans who had been given the specific stem cell treatment before me.