14 Years

14 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I was told to go home several times through my journey/battle and get my affairs together.  Now why would any man get all of his affairs together? That to me is instant death…. More than one woman in your life in one spot?   But seriously, if it wasnt for my support group and the head of my group, my sister Donnett, I’d never been able to beat this beast.

Another chapter in life begins.

Case studies

They are a great thing, they are inovation and growth in medicine.   For all of those against stem cell research and place a broad envelope over it being wrong and unethical,  I ask you: isn’t it unethical of you to disallow it and cost me my life?

What is today to you?

Such a simple question, yet the answer eludes so many of us.  Even with everything I’ve been through, there are times I forget.  No matter how crappy your day was– whether you got fired from your job, or you just got married– today is the most important day you have.  Yesterday will never change no matter how hard you try, and I’ve tried.  Tomorrow will always be just that, tomorrow. If you worry and stress about tomorrow, you will let today pass you by– then yes, it becomes yesterday.

You are now asking yourself what in the hell is Jason smoking, and why hasn’t he shared?

The answer is, I know tomorrow isn’t a guarantee for any of us.

Simple things make me smile

I wouldn’t say it’s because I’m older;  I think it’s because I’ve been through so much. I’ve found that I love the simple things. Like sitting in bed and listening to the rain outside my window with Maggie laying next to me.

It’s a New Year

A new year, a new cancer of sorts.  Been fighting a brain tumor for the the last 3 months. Just finishing up with my last two.  Just had a spinal tap to see where I’m at with treatments.  Things have been very positive for the most part.  Just a short catch up post for now.

Now In Remission

In remission for 1371 days.


January 2022