Numbers game

When you think about Cancer you think about the chemo, the radiation, the sickness. This is how people think about it and visualize it. I’ve been through it so many times now I see all of that but I see it as the Doctors and Nurses see it. It’s nothing but a numbers game. You have good numbers and bad numbers. Kinda like a sports event. The stats RBC, WBC, Tumor counts, Liver enzyme levels, Kidney function, HR, BP, Temperature, Milliliters per hour, Toxicity levels…

How much can the body withstand If WBC and RBC go too low, the Liver is too high it’s game over and points to the Cancer instead of the patient.

My numbers?

WBC and RBC are in the green.

Liver Enzymes are on the high side, causing some issues.

Kidneys still in the green

Tumor Markers? We have had 2 checks recently the first one was taken on Saturday before my third treatment counts were reduced by 15%. The second was taken on Thursday and those showed an additional 12%.

As this game goes Jason is up 2 points to 1.

Time has flown by

This is my 200th post on my site.  Compared to real bloggers and prolific writers this is not a big mile mark since it’s taken me what 5 years to make this?

Doesn’t really matter though, this has and is my story written by me,  the good the bad the ugly and lately the sappy.  It’s been a long road and looking back there has been many many times that no one thought I’d make it.  Like my birthday a few years ago…  Other tough times, losing both Bea and Deb my caretakers months apart.

And there are the good,  Kings Dominion with my sister and her family, looking at the signs and realizing between my brother in law and I we had every warning not ride every ride we rode.  Through it all I also found someone who loves me as much as I love her.

So thank you everyone who’s stuck with me for this epic ride, I couldn’t have done it without you all.

13 Months

Just a quick post for today. Today is my 13th month being cancer free. This is after fighting cancer for 91 months in a 10 year span.

Days like this

Days like this I’m happy that I have such good friends and people who love me.  Today was a very shitty day in everything non medical. From waking up late to car problems then major issues at work. Some of it I could control but most of it I had no control over.

I started to go down the old road of anger and stress and let it get to me and effect me.  Right when it was starting to get to me though my phone chirped. Right at the perfect time I was told to let it go and that I was better than all that was going on and not let it get to me.  There was a lot more said but I won’t bore you with it. It was hard to do but I listened to her. Instead of getting mad I just let it go.  Does itbstill bother me? Yes I’m only human but I’m not letting it rule me and ruin the rest of my life. Because she was right. All of that petty stuff just isn’t worth it.  Her love and advice were. I chose to hold onto that and had a decent day.

Thanks Booboo


Why did I get cancer?  I dont know.  All I do know is I got it and it was a son of a bitch. Why did I survive when so many haven’t?  I can’t answer that question either.

Have I touched others with my fight?  More than I ever thought.

Just last night I was reading comments and a bartender looked at my tablet and asked if I knew Jason.  I responded that I’d hope so since I was Jason.  She started to cry and came around the bar to hug me saying thank you for saving her brother.  He’d been diagnosed with TC and was giving up when a nurse gave him a link to my chaotic ramblings I call a blog.  He read my story and found in himself the reason to fight. Who would of thought?

This blog was and is a gift from Jeremy Simpson, as a birthday present and a place for me to vomit my story.  He hosts it and helps me make it what it is.  Its only my words without his gift and work this would be nothing.

***Edit by Jeremy*** Bullshit.  You could have told your story anywhere and inspired people.

Days In Remission

In Remission for 211 days.


June 2023