Great Surprises

Sometimes it’s a perfect stranger or strangers with the best timing with a surprise. I had a really bad week this week mentally and emotionally.

I came home today from work to a box with drawings of 2 service dogs, an American flag, and the word hope with some first names. Opening the box I found that it was a care package with several handmade things and some to pass the time while going through treatment. I don’t know who submitted my name to this organization Phils Friends but they took a lot of thought into what they put in my box making it personal. The blanket has dogs on it in a camo pattern, the hat is a hand-made crochet hat, a journal book, some toothpaste and the ever needed took brush, lotion tissues, cards, and sudoku are just a few of the items in this amazing care package.

Whoever submitted my name Thank you very much and Phils Friends thank you for the amazing care package.

The ride is over

The long ride is pulling into the station for the last time. I want to thank everyone who has supported me, whether it be up close or from afar.

10years 5months 4days, 43 deaths that count, over 120 surgeries, so many different treatments that it’s hard for me to keep them all straight. This last being stem cell research, me being the first human to go through it, by far the easiest least painful treatment I’ve been through.

My counts you ask? .00002, that being 2 parts per billion. To give you an idea od scope when I started all of this is was at 27,434.00.

This may sound like a downer post, it’s not I’m extremely happy right now, but you have to understand I’ve been here before. Right now I want to try my hardest to look forward.

This ride is shutting down for along time and hope to never be started up again, let’s enjoy the other rides in the park. If this ride decides one day to open it will be one rider short. Again thank you for riding along with me.

Tis’ the season

It’s the seasons and it’s been awhile since I’ve written. I won’t make excuses I’ll just call it life. What I’m going to write about isn’t about me today it’s about giving, some may call it the spirit of Christmas others say the spirit of giving. Me I call it right, just the right thing to do.

Sit and think how stressed were you on what gift to give to who. Add on top of that, time to balance your job, your family and with this economy your bank balance. Sit and think how much did you give this year compared to years past? Don’t get me wrong I’m in the same boat as everyone else, more so in some ways. This isn’t a post to make anyone feel like they’ve done less. We all need to survive.

This is a post to put a light out in all of the darkness that has been our lives, with the economy, wars, health….. Insert reasons here.

The light, or should I say lights, Deedee and Steve. I’ve talked about them before about what they do for Christmas each and every year. In short they don’t have kids of their own so each year they donate gifts to Toys for Tots. This year though was a little different.

This year Deedee and Steve Felt that with the economy as low as it has been that there would be more kids without so this year when they shopped they doubled what they usually do. They went and shopped at toy stores and made a grand day of getting toys for kids that without them would never have something under the tree.

People say I’m a role model and inspiration. I’m not I’m just an angry guy trying to deal with the crap ass cards I’ve been dealt . If you want to be inspired look at this couples example.

Proud to call them my friends.

Days In Remission

In Remission for 143 days.


March 2023