Great Surprises

Sometimes it’s a perfect stranger or strangers with the best timing with a surprise. I had a really bad week this week mentally and emotionally.

I came home today from work to a box with drawings of 2 service dogs, an American flag, and the word hope with some first names. Opening the box I found that it was a care package with several handmade things and some to pass the time while going through treatment. I don’t know who submitted my name to this organization Phils Friends but they took a lot of thought into what they put in my box making it personal. The blanket has dogs on it in a camo pattern, the hat is a hand-made crochet hat, a journal book, some toothpaste and the ever needed took brush, lotion tissues, cards, and sudoku are just a few of the items in this amazing care package.

Whoever submitted my name Thank you very much and Phils Friends thank you for the amazing care package.


“I hurt in places you couldn’t`imagine, at a level beyond your comprehension. If you could feel this pain for just a day you`d see how brave and strong I am.”  Anna Myers Stewart

Written By Someone who knows and put it to words

A Story

All of us have a story to tell.  What’s your story?  I have been telling my story for awhile now.  Today I’m not going to tell my story I’m going to tell a story of a little girl name Megan.

Almost every weekend you can find me sitting at the counter at Sugar Shack reading a book on my Kindle or other electronic device.  Three seats opened up next to me and a group sat down.  I noticed that they were all deaf, and talking in sign amongst the themselves.  The best I can do is follow less than a percent of what they were saying but that’s irrelevant.  They ordered their drinks and continued to talk and decide what to order.   Continue reading

Days In Remission

In Remission for 143 days.


March 2023